STRATEGIES CONSULTING’s mission is to improve our clients’ ability to consistently deliver “success”. We accomplish this through :


STRATEGIES CONSULTING has experienced that the difference between consistently delivering “Success” ...and working intensely, but... is the rigorous adherence to just a few simple fundamentals :

    •   Clear, measurable description of what “Success” will look like
    •   Communication and universal buy-in to that “Success”
    •   Understanding each individual’s contribution
    •   Commitment to delivering “Success” - not just working at it
    •   Trust built on open, honest, full communication

Simple -- but not at all easy.  Often, all the details of the daily press-of-business obscure the slippage in fundamentals.  Being good at the fundamentals that lead to success requires guidance and practice.  This is where consultants and coaches play a crucial role.  Objectivity can be invaluable in identifying how fundamentals can be strengthened.



    • Believes that our best service to clients is to partner with them in strengthening their own abilities to overcome current problems and prevent future occurrences.
    • Guides clients in meaningfully defining and achieving their “Success” – whether that  success is annual business goals, organizational excellence or personal performance.
    • Assists clients in building the sustainable, enduring capability to consistently deliver results in excess of expectations.
    • Enables clients to transform their own mindset and their organization’s culture from “doing” to “achieving”... from “activity-centered” to “results-driven”.
    • Assembles project teams appropriate for the specific needs of each client. Working in complete confidentiality, “our Success” is defined as “our clients delivering their Success”.
    • Offers complete flexibility through a full spectrum of arrangements :
       - One-to-three day workshops on organizational effectiveness, internal communications, business planning, etc.
       - Performance Check-Up / Tune-Up --  an organizational review process that quickly and economically identifies opportunities to strengthen delivery of results.
       - Individual executive coaching to develop specific leadership skills and elevate performance.
       - Longer-term relationships which allow for ongoing comprehensive review of profit opportunities, refinement of management performance and/or continuous skills advancement.
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