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STRATEGIES CONSULTING has been commissioned in Europe and the USA by these well-respected industry leaders and others in fields as diverse as Healthcare, Education, Retailing, Apparel, Finance, Consumer Durables, Human Resources and Environmental Products & Services.

Here are examples of what they say about our work :

  • “I would strongly endorse John to any organization desiring to strengthen its executive leadership, its organizational ability to deliver results, or its strategy design and execution.” - President and CEO, Levi Strauss & Co.
  • “I appreciated your flexibility in adapting to my situation and my own innate strengths and weaknesses, rather than applying a standard approach.” - President & CEO, Ensemble Discovery
  • “… took a very pragmatic, reality-based and goal-oriented approach.” - President, Idera Pharmaceuticals
  • “In fact, instead of losing time due to changes in personnel, he was able to engineer the delivery of... the final report weeks ahead of schedule.” - Executive Director (& Former Ambassador), International House at UC Berkeley
  • “I believe that our regular interactions have had a clear and measurable impact on me as a person, on me as a leader and on me as a team member.” - Vice President, Pfizer (United Kingdom)
  • “He was able to move the group beyond talking about issues and goals -- to focusing on fundamentals and identifying actionable steps - a challenging process for a group of educators...” Executive Director, The English Center
  • “I remember wondering how it was that you seemed to understand so much about my own organization, as if you recently worked here yourself !” - Vice President, Pfizer
  • “... extremely knowledgeable, experienced, professional and valuable.” - Chief Operating Officer, Ritchey Design, Inc.
  • “The credit really goes to you in extending my growth as a leader in this organization.” - Vice President, Pfizer
  • “… the characteristics of an outstanding coach in that he takes the client to a new and higher skill level, which the client could not have achieved alone.” - Sr. VP, Pfizer
  • “To acknowledge the expertise, insight and dedication that you bring to your professional assignments.” - Sr. VP, Pfizer
  • “If you write a book, I’ll definitely read it !” - President, Discovery Translation, LLC

                                       (Full texts and additional references upon request)
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