• WHAT WE DO :  We elevate the performance of executives and organizations through :

      Executive coaching of leadership skills
      Accelerating team delivery of results
      Guiding strategy development / execution

  • HOW WE DO IT : We help clients develop their own internal capabilities to address current and future situations – rather than needing to rely on external solutions.
  • FOR WHOM :
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    Executive Leadership

    Team Performance

    Strategy Development

    Setting “Vision”/Getting Buy-In

    Setting Positive Accountability

    Business Model Consensus

    Creating “Results Culture”

    Committing to Results vs. Effort

    Prioritizing Target Markets

    Demanding S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    Post-Merger Culture Alignment

    Market Penetration Strategy

    Allocating Resources

    Downsizing & the Aftershock

    Consumer/Product Alignment

    Delegation / Motivation

    Minimizing Resource Waste

    Actionable Scorecards

    Efficient Decision-Making

    Compensation for Performance

    Customer Profitability

    “Difficult” Conversations

    Constructive Communication

    New Business Opportunities

    Personal/Professional Balance

    Ending “Silo-Thinking”

    Product/Service Extensions

  • HOW WE WORK : Personal, confidential conversations to assess needs.  Agreement on specific,  measurable deliverables and deadlines.Selection of proprietary expert team to address client needs.  Limited, efficient meetings – on-line or by telephone, when appropriate.
  • NEW SERVICE : STRATEGIES CONSULTING now offers the “Performance Check-Up / Tune-Up”.
    This program is based on the importance of a relatively few essential organizational fundamentals.  It quickly and economically determines whether any of these fundamentals are missing or have been allowed to drift.  It reveals opportunities to strengthen a client’s ability to deliver results.  It requires only a 30-minute executive interview, a review of selected in-house documents and a 2-minute questionnaire for employees.  Results and recommendations can be available in 7 - 10 days.
  • WHO WE ARE : Executive Director, John Philip Wyek, founded STRATEGIES CONSULTING in Europe in 1992.  He was previously Director, Office of Strategic Research and Planning for Levi Strauss & Co. and European Director of Russell Athletic Sportswear.  The STRATEGIES CONSULTING network consists of international industry leaders in the fields of organizational development, strategic planning, marketing & advertising and financial services.
  • TO LEARN MORE : continue exploring www.StratConsult.net
  • TO CONTACT US : e-mail jpwyek@StratConsult.net or telephone +1.415.492.93 00
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